Jambo and Karibu to all our visitors. To those unfamiliar with Swahili, Kenya's national language, the word Jambo and Karibu are Swahili words for Hello and Welcome respectively.

I wish to welcome you warmly to this Homepage of the Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Japan. It is our hope that this site will provide the necessary information on Kenya, particularly on the diverse opportunities available to potential investors, businessmen and tourists. You will also find useful information on Kenya's people and culture.

Kenyans are a warm and hospitable people who inhabit a land of breathtaking scenic beauty and pleasant climatic conditions. Kenya's varied scenery ranges from pristine white sandy beaches fronting the Indian Ocean, world class game parks, lush green rolling hills, on which the famed Kenyan coffee and tea are grown, to the snowcapped Mt. Kenya right at the equator to mention but a few. You are particularly welcome to visit Kenya and feel the traditional warmth and hospitality of its people and at the same time enjoy the scenic beauty of the country.

We have endeavoured to create some useful links to this Homepage with our visitors in mind. The Homepage will be updated periodically with a view to keeping abreast of the latest developments.

If you wish to offer any comments or suggestions on this Homepage or is unable to obtain any information you may require, please feel free to contact the Embassy by e-mail at, Tel. 03-3723-4006/7 or Fax 03-3723-4488.

Once again, Jambo and Karibu.

Embassy of the Republic of Kenya
H.E. The Ambassador
Mr.Dennis N.O. Awori

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