1. What is the temperature like in Kenya?

    Around Nairobi, the highest temperatures range from 23 C in the cold season to approximately 28 C in the hot season. The temperatures in Central and Western Kenya are more or less the same. North Eastern and Coastal area experience hotter temperatures. Only the coastal region experience hot and humid temperatures.

  2. What is the unit of currency in Kenya?

    Kenya Shilling denominations in notes of 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1000 and coins of 5 cents, 10 cents, 1 Shilling, 5 Shillings, and 10 Shillings.

  3. What is the voltage output for electrical appliances?

    220V ~ 240V / 50 Hz

  4. What is Kenya Time in relation to GMT?

    +3 hours GMT (6 hours behind Japan time)

  5. What language is spoken in Kenya?

    Swahili is the national language while English is the official language. There are more than 40 ethnic groups in Kenya, each with its own distinct language.

  6. Does one send all visa requests to the Kenya Embassy in Tokyo or is there another consular office in Japan?

    Visas are only issued at the Kenya Embassy in Tokyo. There is no other Consular Office in Japan.

  7. I am a citizen of Japan and am traveling through Nairobi on my way to Tanzania. I will be in Kenya for less than a day and do I need to obtain a Visa and what type of a Visa?

    You need to obtain a Transit Visa. The fee for Transit Visa is US$20.

  8. How much does a Visa cost for Japanese citizen?


  9. I am a Japanese citizen. It is my understanding that a Visa can be obtained at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi for US$50.00. Am I right?

    Yes, you can obtain a visa on arrival at Jomo Kenyatta Airport or any other port of entry into Kenya.

  10. What is the advantage of obtaining a Visa prior to entry into Kenya?

    You will not have to wait at any port of entry into Kenya.

  11. Is it possible to issue a multiple entry Visa for twelve months? What are the requirements?

    Application will have to be forwarded to the Principal Immigration Officer, Nairobi, for approval.

  12. I would like to know whether children's Visa applications should be signed by a parent and if so, until what age?

    Yes, a parent can sign a visa application for his/her child until the child is able to read and write.

  13. What kind of immunizations are required?

    Yellow fever; Cholera

  14. I am a Kenyan and my passport is about to expire. What is the procedure for renewal?

    You bring or mail it to the Embassy together with a duly completed application form, two passport size photos and passport fee of JY4,070 for A Series and JY6,070 for B Series. We shall then forward them to Nairobi.

  15. How long does it take to obtain a new passport?

    About two (2) months

  16. I am Kenyan and would like to know the procedure for applying for a birth certificate for my child who was born in Japan.

    Application together with all the documents below should be forwarded to this Embassy for onward transmission to the Principal Civil Registrar, Nairobi:

    • Duly completed Application Form for Registration of Birth (available at the Embassy);
    • Copy of child's Birth Certificate issued by the Civil Registry here in Japan (not from the hospital);
    • Copies of relevant pages of parents' passports;
    • Copy of Marriage Certificate;
    • Copy of Father's ID
    • JY5,000 in cash (Registration fee)

  17. Any other queries not covered here may be directed to the Embassy at

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